Below is just a little information about the breeds of puppies I raise, if you still are not sure on what type of breed would work best for you, please go to the ‘Puppy Application’  page and fill some of the questions out, or feel free to call me and we can talk and find the perfect match for you!

Full Blood Breeds

  •    Yorkie

Yorkies generally stay around 7-8 inches tall, usually weigh no more than 7 pounds, and life expectancy on average is around 13 years old when properly cared for. Their hair is like that of ours; needs to be brushed daily. They require moderate exercise, and are very intelligent dogs but can be stubborn when it comes time to train, treats work very well with them.

  • Maltese

Maltese are on average about 7-8 inches tall, weigh about 7 pounds, and live to be in the double digits. They are very affectionate and hardy, making them a good family dog. Their hair is very straight and silky, requiring daily combing close to the skin and conditioning to help with tangles and matting. Maltese only require occasional exercise, perfect for families on the go. They are very intelligent and train well with constant repetition.

  •  Shih-Tzu

Shih-tzus are a more solid breed weighing in around 9-16 pounds and about 9-11 inches tall. They can also live up to around 18 years old.  They make a great family pet especially with kids, but should be supervised. Shih-tzus require hardly any exercise as they would rather lay on your lap all day and be loved on, the only downfall to the Shih-tzu is their loving behavior tries to “womanize” their way out of training, but praising them seems to help when it comes to learning something new. Shih-tzus do great on daily brushing with wire brushes, bathing only about once or twice a month, but they can also be kept clipped short whichever you prefer.

  • Toy Poodle

The Toy Poodle is a well built breed, growing no more than 10 inches tall and averaging 5-6 pounds. They are a longer living breed, reaching ages up to 18. The poodle is a very intelligent and active breed, requiring daily exercise. They love to run and swim, perfect for the daily jogger. The poodle is also very easy to train, more of a “people pleaser’. Normally the coat on them is kept clipped short because with it being very thick and curly, they are very prone to matting.

Mixed Breeds

  • Yorkie-Poo

Standing 7-12 inches tall, and weighing anywhere from 5-13 pounds, the Yorkie-Poo is a very good companion dog.

  • Malti-Poo

Averaging 5-15 inches tall and weigh 5-15 pounds. They are intelligent and loving dogs, great for families, and are good around other dogs. Coat is kept clipped short.

  • Morkie

Morkies generally are around 6-8 inches tall and weigh between 6-10 pounds. They require minimal exercise, but are very playful. They are great for people that like to relax or for families with energetic children.

  • Shih-poo

Shih-poos are also known as the “teddy bear” dog for the “teddy bear” look they have when they are puppies. Averaging 8-10 inches tall and anywhere from 8-20 pounds. They are very loving dogs, very good with children, and are very playful. Coat is kept clipped short with daily brushing.

  • Shorkie

Shorkies weigh about 5-11 pounds and stand 5-10 inches. They require daily brushing and moderate exercise. Loving and playful dogs.

*All of our mixed breed puppies are from first generation parents, meaning only a full blood male was bred to a full blood female.

*All of the breeds are hypo-allergenic making it great for allergy sufferers.