Our oldest at 4 months old the day we got married.

Just to let you know a little bit about ourselves. My husband and I have been married for almost 2 years now. We have 2 beautiful boys. One will be 2 in December, and the youngest was born on September 1. We have a 160 acre farm here in the beautiful state of Arkansas. We run a few head of cows and horses, but our main job is producing quality horse and cow hay for our customers. Life is very busy here on the farm as we always have something going on. We love our crazy life, so why not add more to the plate?  Opening our dog breeding business has filled that empty space on our plate and I could not be happier, I have always loved staying busy.

The day our oldest got to meet his new baby brother.

My husband is a foreman at his job besides running our farm full time, but I can not forget about his #1 helper, our 2 year old. Wherever my husband goes, he goes. He absolutely loves helping his daddy especially when it comes to anything tractor. Now our youngest, he will be keeping me company for a while until he can at least crawl, then daddy will definitely have his hands full with 2 boys. One of them will have to take the farm over one day!

Our oldest helping his daddy fix the tractor.

Besides farming, running our kennel, and being full time parents, horses are also a big part of our life. I started riding horses the moment I could sit up on my own. Barrel racing was my passion and I continued till the day we found out we were expecting. My husband and I still continued to trail ride and go to rodeos. He did most of the riding for a while which did not bother me because I always enjoyed watching him. What’s funny is he never really cared for it till I came around and then things changed… Yay! Currently he is learning to rope.

Our life is crazy, something is always going on, but I would not change it for the world. We have been blessed to have the things we do, especially be parents to 2 wonderful, healthy boys.

Please feel free to contact me anytime, I would love to help you find the new addition to your family.